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About the Kollel

Kollel Mishnas Avrohom was founded in 2010 with a group of thirty aspiring talmidei chachamim. Its goal was to provide a framework of high-level learning for genuine bnei aliyah. B’siyata dishmaya, Mishnas Avrohom has succeeded tremendously in becoming a serious Makom Torah, and from morning to night, its Bais Medrash vibrates with passionate learning. The impact of the Kollel yungeleit can be felt throughout the town, their Torah and yiras shamayim inspiring those around them. In addition to their rigorous learning, avreichim engage in Kiruv activities and learn with at-risk youth.

The Rosh Kollel

HaRav Mordechai Levi shlita, a talmid chacham of note, learned in Yeshivas Kol Torah and Yeshivas Chevron.  His reverence for Torah and lomdei Torah, propelled him to establish Kollel Mishnas Avrohom, named in memory of his saintly father, Rav Avraham Nissim zt”l. As Rosh Kollel, he goes above and beyond to ensure that the avreichim receive all that they need b’ruchniyus and b’gashmiyus. Rav Levi is also very active in kiruv, delivering regular shiurim to those who are hardly connected to Torah and mitzvos.

Learning in the Kollel

Chaburas Libo Chafetz includes over forty members, most of them older talmidei chachamim who went through the regular Kollel system and now wish to gain knowledge in more subjects of Torah. HaRav Avrahom Yosef Ruby shlita oversees the progress of the entire group, making a point to speak to each member at least once in two weeks. Despite the varied limudim, there is a strong bond between the members of the Chaburah, and they come together to hear a shiur and a shmuess once a week from the Rosh Chaburah.

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